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Autor Tema: RK710 - Phantomas Saga: Infinity  (Leído 6364 veces)
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« : 10 de Agosto de 2007, 07:00:26 am »

Phantomas Saga: Infinity

Code: RK710
Name: Phantomas Saga: Infinity

Genre: Platform
Release date: 11th September 2006
Size: 32 KB
Format: ROM
System reqs.: MSX1 · 16KB RAM · 16KB VRAM
Misc: This ZX Spectrum game was created by na-th-an and released in 2006 by CEZ Games Studio.
This MSX conversion has been created in direct cooperation with CEZ Games Studio.

Concept, C code and graphics for the original version: Na Than Assh Antti
Assembler code and graphics for the MSX version: Jon Cortázar
Music and sounds effect player code: WYZ
Music: Beyker & WYZ
Beta testing: Na Than Assh Antti, Konamito, Tony Brazil & CEZ Team
Artwork: Ferrán
CEZ Team coordinator: Karnevi

CEZ GS link for Phantomas Saga: Infinity where more versions of the game are available.
Currently available versions: ZX Spectrum / MSX / CPC

Phantomas Saga: Infinity © 2006 CEZ Games Studio
MSX version © 2006 Karoshi Corp. & CEZ GS

As Phantomas, you have to destroy the Thief Androids Factory activating the ten auto-destruction devices the building has, the BOLTs: Binaural Onslaught Light Transmitters, located in highly restricted areas. Each BOLT needs a key to be activated. Your job is to find 10 keys to use them in the 10 BOLTs. Once the 10 devices are activated, you'll have 30 seconds to run outside the factory, because after that time has passed the factory will explode in a million of fragments.

The location of those BOLTs and keys will change in every game. The number of keys found is shown in the scoreboard marked with "KEYS". To get a key we simply go accross it. To use a key in a BOLT, we just have to go accross it, as well: if we have keys in our scoreboard the bolt will disappear as well as one of our keys. The number of BOLTs activated is shown in the scoreboard labeled "BOLTS". When all the 10 BOLTs are activated, a count down will show in place of that number. When this happens, just run to the game starting point, otherwise you'll explode together with the factory!

Downloads: ROM File · Check game cover and instructions at CEZ GS website

IPS Patch: MSX IPS Patch Archive ( /rom/gfx-modify/INFPH2.LZH ) - > To modify the main character into classic Phantomas 2 gfx
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