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Autor Tema: Pretty Kingdom is the MSXdev'14 WINNER!  (Leído 54569 veces)
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« Respuesta #75 : 06 de Julio de 2014, 02:23:14 am »

Now everyone is complaining and voting 1 for some games which used this feature of the tms9918.

No, that's not true Dioniso, and you know. Not everyone. Some have one opinion, and some have another one, and I think that's ok.

I also mentioned some weeks ago I would use the mix mode and no one said anything.

You also mentioned on the same post that you weren't open to discuss about it.

Again: coders spend a loooooooot of time in these games and this year we didn't get many feedback: feedback is what motivates us to keep doing games. Instead of appreciating our dedication of coding games for you all, some people look for the mistakes, problems, controvertial points and cast their votes or make their comments just (mostly) taking this into account.

I spent way mooooooooooooooooore on stuff that people didn't care a crap. And i'm not telling they're just trying to destroy the MSX community. I assume it's not interesting for them but if I do it cause i like it, I keep doing it.
In the other hand, that doesn't mean that everybody should do the same, everybody's different and some can accept things better than others. I don't wanna mean that I don't understand what you think and feel about it and I'm sorry.

I could have said the game works perfect and that I don't care at all about it not working on some machines. I could have said that it happens always, with every game now and back on the old days. I could have said that rules allowed it and even NES games if you want. But it would have been a lie. I'm not like that. I voted visuals, audio and so. So you know what I like on your game and what not.

I am not a big company, I don't have a team working for me the whole day, the whole week, the whole month, the whole year. I don't have the resources a big company has.

None of the other contestants are, but they took the effort to make the game compatible. Everything I said to Wyz is also for you. I like some of the stuff you do and some other not so much, as with any others. And I accept it when it's the other way.
I have my opinions about compatibility as I have an ass. It's perfectly ok if you have yours and it's different. I had to vote with MINE not with YOURS. Why if I put you a 4 is respecteable but an 1 is not? If I give you like over... 5, then my opinion is valid. But If I give you 1, my opinion is not? So, my opinion is valid only when YOU want?

I live in a flat, stand up at 6:00 for going to work

Congratulations. Lot of people here has no job, included myself. At least, by now, I live on a flat too, not in the street like many people lately.

, and when I come home I keep coding a game for you (and for me). This means also weekends closed in my flat just coding, drawing, etc ... And I got twice 1 point.

No. you didn't get 1 point. You got many points. The other votes doesn't count? MANY people here gave you points. Why If a good number of users thinks, "good game!" your reaction is.. "meh, points, nothing wonderful there" but when one (or two) people gives you 1 point, then you think about throwing all your hobby and all what you like to do thru the window?
I'm closed in my room way more than weekends and sometimes for less reward, but that doesn't stop me to have fun and I wouldn't care less if ONLY 1 or 2 people complains for ONLY 1 aspect of ONLY 1 game I made.

I also read in another forum that my game stinks and more nice things like this one. I can understand many people don't like my game(s) and it is something totally normal. I understand that if people don't like my game, they cast a "low" vote, obviously. But, what I find childish is the way some people comment a game, or how people have complaint about the tms9918 features used in some games.

Well, your game doesn't stink, I think. It's my opinion. But if I didn't like it, why is it ok if I give it low vote and it's no ok if i think it deserves the low vote for non working on all MSX machines as rules say? Both reasons are a matter of personal opinion anyway.

What can't I complain about a game that doesn't work properly on my machine, uses a mode that allows you take a bit of advantage over games that use the VDP in a standard way and you know IN ADVANCE that it won't work? Would you like a game that I code and I put a Poke that hangs your machine "just because I want". I say "Hey, this is gonna hang those machines, ok? But please, don't complain."

If you take into account the rules, you can vote 1 for every game

No, it seems it's kinda forbidden Wink Sorry for the black humor... Maybe the rules should clearly say that minimum score is 6, so everybody can be happy.

if you want to. But that's very poor for someone to do. I can understand a 4, a 5, a 6 ... but 1 point ... Smiley please. I am good with the 4th position.

So your game is not that bad then, huh? Smiley See, seems that you didn't get just an 1, or you wouldn't have finished 4th. And I'm not complaining to all this people that gave you points cause their opinion is totally respecteable even if i don't agree with it. I would like to know why I'm less that them and my opinion is not, wrong or not.

I left the MRC community because of these people who just cause this damage, right after the Kralizec incident, as comradeship.
I repeat it: I can understand a low punctuation if you don't like a game. I accept the critics, when they are constructive.

The fact that I think a game should be compatible or we'll be covered with games that sometimes work, sometimes not, sometimes only on emulator, sometimes only on 1 specific emulator and so on... it doesn't mean I don't appreciate your or any others effort. But as someone already said, it's not a contest of effort.

Well, I don't want to read always the same people discussing things like they had the only truth.

You said you weren't open to discuss. Should I have to assume that you pretend to have the only truth then? I don't think you do (pretend that, i mean). NOBODY has the only truth (mostly cause probably there's none, but that's another question). The past sentence it's not the only truth either. Tongue

And I don't want to code games for people who don't appreciate my effort.
Code your games yourselves. Bye.

And what about the ones who DO appreciate it? The most of us, even if you still think that i don't (I'm not all the MSX users reincarnated in one person)
I'm sorry you confused two unrelated things. And I hope you still code stuff. If you were here, I'd made you drunk until you do. Believe it or not, nobody here is against you. If you do a nice game, your game is nice, if you do a crappy game, your game is crappy. In both cases YOU ARE STILL WELCOME. And I can tell you here, on MRC, on private or in Salvame Deluxe if you want.

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« Respuesta #76 : 06 de Julio de 2014, 08:55:13 pm »

I have not had time to check your games out, because I'm coding very hard on my own MSX projects at the moment. But I'd just like to make clear that I'm not complaining about any of the games. I'm sure most, if not all, of the games are awesome!

I am however defending the MSX standard compatibility against those that say Toshiba T6950 is somehow not MSX compatible.

That said, it's not difficult or tedious to write MSX games properly. You don't have to be a big company to write MSX games properly. Every time I hear developers that write incompatible games complain about time or effort, but seriously it does not take effort to write PSG R#7 properly, or to put a "MSX2 requirement" sticker on your game which uses mirrored pattern mode.

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« Respuesta #77 : 07 de Julio de 2014, 01:09:10 pm »

As GuyveR800 has mentioned in another post, there's some confusion when speaking about "TMS9918 or compatible" while at the same time it is also mentioned "Other compatibility tests will be performed in different configurations, including MSX, MSX2, MSX2+ and Turbo-R computers." and also "If a game does not run properly in all MSX computers with at least 16 KB RAM it could be disqualified by the organization."

When you know that all (? or almost all) undocumented features of TMS9918 are supported by the higher official VDP's (9938 - 9958), the case Toshiba T6950 is obviously a source of discussion. Is the complete TMS9918 compatibility more important than the official MSX1 compatibility ?

I must regret that the rules of the contest don't include guiding lines on this matter for the vote, but in my humble opinion, a penalty must be proportionnal to the 'crime'. We don't know exactly how many computers were equipped with the Toshiba VDP. Let's say maybe 10% of all MSX1 selled computers and therefore probably 5% globally when taking in account the MSX2 and higher machines.

You can also understand that the pride of a coder lies in showing how he can use undocumented features to produce a nice game. With this approach, 90 % of the MSX1 machines are concerned, and the coder should be rewarded in this proportion. That's what I call a positive approach of the problem. Maybe it will help for future MSXdev' contests.
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« Respuesta #78 : 12 de Julio de 2014, 12:02:49 am »

I'm happy with the result, I practically coincides with my preferences in the voting, except maybe Jawbreaker II deserved a better position. Congratulations to the winner and to all participants for their work.
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