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« : 14 de Enero de 2013, 11:13:10 am »

MSXdev'13 - How to set a prize as an MSXdev'13 Sponsor

Open-sponsorship means that anyone could create a sub-contest inside MSXdev’13 or improve the prize list freely. Besides that, the sponsor can track his donations by establishing a new category and/or setting the judge for it. Sponsors should state his prize at this thread by posting it as a RESPONSE to it. Here is an example:

Sponsor: User name
e-mail: username@msx4ever.com.
Prize: [set your prize here]
Description: prize set for the best MSXdev’13 game
Decision: MSXdev’13 voting system

In this example, the sponsor has decided that he wants to reward the best game of the contest, but he might want to reward the best RPG or the best shooter because he likes shoot’em-ups. So he has set a prize, a description and how the decision will be made.

It should be pointed out that the MSXdev’13 organisation is in no way responsible of the donations within the open-sponsorship system. Every sponsor should send the announced prize to the winner according to the descriptions and decision process.

Please note that a sponsor could be a contestant as well, but it that particular case the sponsor is not allowed to make the decision himself. He should select a judge or define a convenient decision system.

The sponsorship is now self-mantained. You need to register first as a regular Karoshi MSX Community user, so that you can publish a response in this very thread to set your prize. In order to do so, use the Register option at the top menu. After registering, the forum administrator will enable your user, so make sure that you send an e-mail with your username and e-mail at eduardo AD robsy DOT net and at viejo_archivero AD hotmail DOT com just after submitting your Register form. Your user will soon be activated.

Thank you for supporting the MSXdev contests!

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