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Re: [[**Entry**]] "Gommy Medieval Defender" (RW-DMZ-NF)
« Respuesta #30 en: 18 de Junio de 2013, 09:32:41 pm »
@MrSpock: Thanks for you opinion and playing the game.  ;D ;D
We don't agree with all your opinions, although this is a good thing ... no all people can think the same.  ;D

The problem of visibility of some enemies in some stages could be arranged with more color templates, but with a cost of more rom space ...
space that is expensive in a 16KB ROM.  :( Any way, I can understand that some people could had problems playing the game.   :D

Although the enemies move vertically in the game, there are a lot of situations where there are more than five or six enemies in a row (maybe some players haven't reached these levels).
If enemies had been sprites there would be a lot of flickering, so it isn't easy to avoid. We think that was a good decision going to a tile based. Maybe we are wrong.

Could it be too annoying to punish the player when fails a shot?  ??? ...  You can think that it is a way to make the player think twice before shot. ;) 
Without punishment the game would be too easy, not? and then, other players could complaint us about the "easyness" of the game.  ;D

It's true that the speccy version has some details that there aren't implemented in the MSX version. We want to change this lack with an improved version.
But ZX version is a 48KB game, and MSX version is a 16KB rom  :D (not a megarom  ;D), so we were forced to take some hard decisions to finish the game  :(.
In this case the original version has the advantage over the new one. On the other hand, the MSX version is more fast, colorful and smooth than the original   :laugh: ...
so we think that isn't worse than the speccy version.  ;D   

We think that too much bad decisions weren't taken, but yes some hard decisions in order to fit the game in 16KB.  :(
All agree that game can be improved, we think so too.  ;)


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Re: [[**Entry**]] "Gommy Medieval Defender" (RW-DMZ-NF)
« Respuesta #31 en: 18 de Junio de 2013, 11:14:27 pm »
A game with superb graphics and professional looking and music. But has details for me that finally has lost puntuation. Difficulty may be is not as calibrated as I expect.  Same screen sometimes I found too easy and others too much dificult. The boss (spectacular graphic) is too easy to lose all lives respect the other screens. The random behaviour of the stones breaks a little the time of the game (for me). Finally, it's tired for me differentiate soldiers from the background. But eh! it's a very good game with an important work behind. Without these details it was one of my favorites. Congratulations!


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Re: [[**Entry**]] "Gommy Medieval Defender" (RW-DMZ-NF)
« Respuesta #32 en: 19 de Junio de 2013, 10:43:29 am »
is very playable and very fun!  :D
i like this!
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