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1  Development Boards (English) / Suggest a Game / Re:Spy Hunter : 03 de Septiembre de 2016, 11:46:25 am
Spy Hunter is a very good game and easily portable to MSX:
2  Foros de Desarrollo (Español) / Desarrollo / Re: MSX RED BOOK : 17 de Febrero de 2010, 01:15:29 pm
Many years ago I've reprinted MSX RED BOOK in a new layout, in PDF format, to save pages:


In documents section.
3  Development Boards (English) / Development / Re: MSX-Pad Turbo Pascal and BINs : 09 de Octubre de 2008, 07:35:47 pm
Thankyou very much for your help!
I realize that it's very difficult to create BINs in Turbo Pascal...  Sad

So the only one, fast solution to have a ROM is to make a DSK containing MSX-DOS, COMs and all other files and use the DSK -> ROM utility.
Not so professional, but better than nothing...  Wink

Is it possible to manage a ROM in the same way of a RAMDISK?
4  Development Boards (English) / Development / MSX-Pad Turbo Pascal and BINs : 04 de Octubre de 2008, 10:56:43 am
Hi to all, I need a help:

does exist a utility to convert COMs -> BINs?
Is it possible to obtain a BIN using MSX-Pad?
Does the Turbo Pascal allow to this compilation and how?

I ask this because there are many people developing software with Turbo Pascal (or MSX-Pad), also videogames, and we'd like to put this software into carts.

Thankyou in advance for you help.
5  Development Boards (English) / Development / Re: PT3 Player *1744 bytes* : 11 de Septiembre de 2008, 07:55:14 pm
Hi to all!
PT3 format and replayer are very interesting!
Since I've made some games in Turbo Pascal with MSXPad IDE, I'm interested in PT3 routines to load, play, stop, etc music and SFX in this environment.
I love PT3 and not FM Music because of the need of a memory mapper and other resource consuming things... (I'm always talking about TP and Lammassaari's libraries).

Can you help me? I'm not so skilled in ASM programming, but it would be very simple to write such routines in Pascal, for ex. using the InLine function. Also think about the possibility to use all the MSX's 64KB RAM, because programs runs on MSX-DOS.

It would be great if I'll be possible to use PT3 in C language.

Thankyou in advance for your help.
6  Foros de Desarrollo (Español) / Informacion General / Re: Cargar cintas en el 1chip : 04 de Septiembre de 2008, 08:15:07 pm
I can load, see at my web:

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