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Título: RK712 - Daedalian Opus
Publicado por: Jon_Cortazar en 10 de Agosto de 2007, 07:22:20 am
Daedalian Opus

Code: RK712
Name: Daedalian Opus

Genre: Puzzle / Logic
Release date: 31st December 2006
Size: 32 KB
Format: ROM
System reqs.: MSX1 · 16KB RAM · 16KB VRAM
Misc.: Original game by Vic Tokai

Created by: Eduardo Robsy

(http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/screenshots/rk712-1.gif) (http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/screenshots/rk712-2.gif)

Daedalian Opus (alternative title Puzzle Road) was a puzzle game for the Game Boy released in June of 1990. It was one of the few games produced by the little-known software company Vic Tokai.

The game is essentially a series of jigsaw puzzles with pieces that must be assembled into a specific shape. The puzzles start off simple, with the shapes being comprised mostly of rectangles and having simple solutions, but the puzzles quickly grow more complex, with odder shapes. Each level is timed, and once the timer is started it cannot be stopped until the level is finished. This is a really funny puzzle game, give it a try!

Downloads: ROM File (http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/roms/rk712.rom) · Manual (http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/manuals/rk712-m.txt) · ROM label (http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/labels/rk712-r.jpg)