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Título: RK711 - Malaika Prehistoric Quest
Publicado por: Jon_Cortazar en 10 de Agosto de 2007, 07:14:35 am
Malaika Prehistoric Quest

Code: RK711 / RK711r2 / RK711r3
Name: Malaika Prehistoric Quest

Genre: Platform
Release date: 31st December 2006 (RK711r2 9th Nov '07 - RK711r3 26th Nov '07)
Size: 32 KB
Format: ROM
System reqs.: MSX1 · 16KB RAM · 16KB VRAM

Created by:
Jon Cortázar - Concept, code, graphics, music and sfx
Eduardo Robsy - Additional code, development tools and testing

Also helped:
Albert Beevendorp - lots of support and testing
Fernando López - code and testing
Antonio Cano-Caballero - lots of testing
Armando Pérez Abad - heavy testing
Rebeca Llaguno - art and character supervision
#msxdev IRC channel (Rizon network) - lots of help and support

(http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/screenshots/rk711-1.gif) (http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/screenshots/rk711-2.gif)

Malaika is the young princess of the Prehistoric World. One night, when everyone were sleeping, strange invasors from a far away land converted all
people in Mlaika's town into energy jewels using the power of a never seen before technology on the prehistoric world. They were planning to use those
energy jewels into their modern vehicles so they can travel infinite distances and find other worlds to conquer in their way.

But surprisingly, that night Malaika was away from her town, visiting some friends from another village. When the morning came and she arrived home, she
noticed that she was completely alone. In that moment, she decided to go into an adventure in order to find her tribe pals and put everything in the right
place again.

Where are her friends?. Why there are now lots of monsters in her town's surroundings?. Whose are the ones making that mess?. Now Malaika has to face
her biggest challenge ever!. Do you want to help her?

Downloads: ROM File (RK711r3 - 26/11/07) (http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/roms/rk711r3.rom) · Manual (http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/manuals/rk711-m.txt) · ROM label (http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/labels/rk711-r.jpg)

Older versions:
Malaika RK711r2 - ROM File (http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/roms/rk711r2.rom)
Malaika RK711 - ROM File (initial MSXdev'06 release) (http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/roms/rk711.rom)