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Título: Kikstart and Kikstart II
Publicado por: mäsäxi en 17 de Junio de 2006, 11:44:35 am
Sadly there aren´t any games of same style for MSX as Kikstart and it´s sequel.  >:( Last years of the eighties I was wishing so much they would do MSX port of Kikstart II...  :'(  I just had to play it on my pal´s 64....  :-\

I am not starting to tell what you have to do in that game, I just give a link http://www.gb64.com/oldsite/gameofweek/3/gotw_kikstart.htm which is review of of original Kikstart and tells about all of it.  :)

Kikstart II is like first one, but there´s 3,5 times more courses to ride and has more advanced graphics (on 64, spectrum is just monochrome cyan/black :-X) plus very easy to use COURSE EDITOR which allows you to completely remake any of 28 courses!


Check out both games! I have played them too much on commiedore, now I wanna play them on my MSX...  :D

I do not mind if there are less colour than in commiedore original to get smooth scrolling as long as it is NOT monochrome and there is multicoloured rider(s) and bike(s). (as both games are always either you against computer or two player action!)
Título: Re: Kikstart and Kikstart II
Publicado por: mäsäxi en 21 de Junio de 2006, 12:35:11 pm
i still remember i have seen advertising about kikstart for msx, thought no-one else seems not know a thing about that  :-\  some years ago some seller had kikstart cassette for msx in his web page, but unfortunately he didn´t reply to my question about it if it´s really that same game.  >:(