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Título: Looking for a simplified ASM driver for Moonblaster
Publicado por: AxelStone en 05 de Mayo de 2016, 06:41:24 am
Good day, I've downloaded ASM driver for Moonblaster and I've modified it to compile in M80. It compiles right, but something must be wrong that it doesn't works togheter my MSX-C program, I must be doing something wrong. I see the driver too complex, it allows chips selection, it seems to make banck switching, etc.

In orther to make it easier, I'd like to have a simplified version of the driver:
  • Only FM-PAC supported, no chip selection nor Music Module code on driver.
  • Only MBM suppport, not MBKs or any other.
  • No bank switching, if it's doing that.
  • The 4 basic functions: start, stop, play, pause. In order to start music, only music addr is needed, no more parameters.

Is there exists this simplified version of the driver? Since my ASM is too basic, it should be a great help for me. Thanks.