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Título: Today is the last day for accepting entries!
Publicado por: Jon_Cortazar en 15 de Junio de 2014, 08:53:05 am
Heya, MSXdev developers!!

First of all, thank you all for supporting the contest! It is great to see fresh games and also great comebacks: but hey!, that's the MSXdev contests magic, isn't it? ;)

For those already submitted their entries, congratulations! And for those in a hurry to finish/polish their entry, good luck!! you still have the whole sunday to work your entry and edit your thead with the game link. Please remember that if you are dealing with a last time bug or you need to make a *little* fix, this edition contest rules gives you an extra time for accepting game fixes. That's for fixing bugs, not for adding content to the game, so only complete games will be accepted as a contest entry!

Well, that said, good luck to anyone. As for today, we've got 7 finished games and a prize of 270 euros for the winner! Today is the MSXdev'14 magic day, so SURPRISE US ALL with those final minute releases and donations! ;)

Have a great MSXdev day and thank you all again for your support!