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Título: MSXdev organizers official statement
Publicado por: Jon_Cortazar en 15 de Marzo de 2012, 08:07:13 am

We, as the organizers of MSXdev contests, and taking in acount what has been writing about lately, want to make some official statments:

* The Karoshi MSX Community is an independant community with no other goals than promote the development for the MSX system.

* The MSXdev contest current official organizer is the Karoshi MSX Community: its administrators, following the suggestions of community users, are the only to state or spread official information about the status of the contest.

* The only official source for MSXdev contest information is the Karoshi MSX Community (http://www.karoshicorp.com). In the other hand, we will keep on permanent touch with relevant websites to inform about every contest update.

* The Karoshi MSX Community is more than positive with the existence of different MSX development contests, and encourage every MSX developer to choose the contest that better fits his/her needs.

We hope everyone get the fun out of MSX development, and we will try to keep the contest at the same high level as the previous organizers did. Also, we are excited about what other contests can come up with!

Let's everyone enjoy a promising year of new MSX development!
Karoshi MSX Community