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Título: RK714 - La Corona Encantada
Publicado por: Jon_Cortazar en 18 de Julio de 2009, 08:54:13 am
La Corona Encantada

Code: RK714
Name: La Corona Encantada
Developers: Karoshi Corporation / RELEVO Videogames (http://relevovideogames.blogspot.com)

Genre: Platform
Release date: 31st December 2008 (14th March 2009)
Size: 48 KB
Format: ROM
System reqs.: MSX1 · 16KB RAM · 16KB VRAM
Misc: The ZX Spectrum version runs on 48KB Spectrum and on 128KB Spectrum (with full sound)

(http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/screenshots/rk714-1.gif) (http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/screenshots/rk714-2.gif)

"Stories are told about the kings of the ancient country of Hyoth always
wearing an enchanted crown that gives them the power to reign."

"Once upon a time, the evil Royal Advisor, guided by his greed, commanded
one of his servants to steal the crown. He, ignoring the warnings from the
maleficent advisor, got the crown and put it on his head..."

"The Enchanted Crown, feeling that its new master wasn't in his right to wear
it, invoked a terrible curse in the whole region and, as punishment, it
transformed the body of the fool servant into golden coins and freezed in
ice the damsel who was destined to be the future queen."

"Only gathering the 20 golden coins, the doors will open, where the traitor
awaits impatient for you, the real kingdom heir, to recover the lost crown
to save your fiancée..."

Downloads: MSX version package (http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/roms/rk714ex.zip)
Downloads: ZX Spectrum version package (http://retromadrid.com/karoshi/roms/rk714zx.zip)